Hello! It’s me.

Hey y’all!

I wanted to reintroduce myself, because there are some new faces around here and I want to make sure everyone feels welcome!

My name is Tania, I am 26 years old and first and foremost – a beloved daughter of our loving Heavenly Father. I am native to North Carolina but have been calling Southern California my temporary home for the past 4 months!

I accepted the Lord as my Savior almost 3 years ago and it was the best commitment I ever made. Death to life. What a praise! And the sanctification process has not stopped. I moved out to Southern California 4 months ago to join a launch team that is planting a church in Long Beach – specifically zip code 90805 – that is onboard with following the gospel mission of reducing lostness and making disciples.

That is what surrounds my heart above all. The mission to spread the gospel to those whom do not know Christ. To reduce lostness. To witness to people – brothers and sisters, what was witnessed to me 3 years ago. To bring the word of God – so that they too may come from death to life.

Everything else is secondary. But important for you to know as well – so that you can feel more comfortable around here! I want this to be a chill, comfortable, messy buns and coffee on the couch kind of place. No more stuffy, long (and sometimes unachievable because of life) posts. We’re going to get real, going to get messy, going to get comfortable and vulnerable. So that we can build relationships. We can lean on each other in this what is called life. So that we can encourage each other (and others) with the One that remains constant always.

So! To finish up – because this was supposed to be short and sweet but clearly, that went out! I LOVE coffee – I have visited about 8 different coffee shops within the past 4 months and more to come! (I’ll be posting about the different places I visit). I love adventures and to travel – and what a perfect location I am in, California baby! So much to see, do, explore – so I’ll be giving posts about places I go as well. I love fashion – but I love ethical fashion. This is a touchy subject, yes – but also something that the Lord has put on fire in my heart – so there will be posts about that, and ways that you can change your shopping as well! I love food – man do I love food – there will be pictures and posts to come. And I love music.

That’s it for now. I hope that you decide to stick around and that we become friends! You’re already a dear friend to me in my book – and I can’t wait to continue this sweet friendship with you. Here’s to what lies ahead! I’m excited for this journey.





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