blessed summertime.

End of summer and beginning of fall. Where there’s an end, there’s always a sweet beginning. As the excitement of fall starts kicking in full gear; pictures of PSL’s, pumpkins, scarves, boots, orange and red leaves, mustard yellows and caramel/“fall” scents appear everywhere – I can’t help but start reminiscing already on the events of this past summer as it comes to a complete end.

The hot blazing sun, the cool summer nights, the care-free spirits. It was a summer to remember forever. From the times of laziness laying by the pool “getting our tan on” to the two beautiful weddings I was honored to attend.

See, this past summer was more to me than “just another summer”. To me, this past summer consisted of a rollercoaster of emotions, trials, chapters, and also – my last summer in North Carolina for a while. Summer in the south is all I have known for the past 25 years of my life. This past summer though, was a summer filled with the most loving community I could have ever dreamed of asking for.

I spent my days between work and having summer Bible study group with about 10 high school girls and other fellow leaders. I spent my summer going from concert to concert. Grasshopper’s games to the Panther’s Super Bowl game. From food truck festival to the weekly fellowship with my community group (which also happened to always include delicious food). From two very important (and close to my heart) baby showers to celebrations of birthdays and graduations. From losing the best roommate I could have ever asked for to getting to celebrate that loss in a beautiful day of commitment in matrimony to her best friend and getting to be by her side to celebrate that day. From breaking down in tears because of change taking some of my closest friends onto a new stage in their lives, in different cities and in different states. From seminars to going on my first mission trip, and having my life flipped upside down ever since.

So much went on this past summer – heartbreak, tears of sadness and hurt, at times frustration and anger liked to creep in, but also tears of laughter and joy, a surrendering heart with open hands, a heart full of awe of what God is doing and a heart always filled with all the love surrounding me, a longing for the summer days to never end, a longing for always wanting to be outside playing (who am I kidding – that is me everyday) – but more than anything I can remember my heart just being in awe.

In awe of all the love God blessed me with. I can’t help but just sit here in thankfulness with a big smile knowing that He gave me the best (last) summer in North Carolina. I was blessed with being able to spend time with everyone that I love and that loves me fully. Whether it was just a lunch or it was a whole week (or even everyday living together, wink wink roomie) being together, I can say whole heartedly that this past summer will be one I will never forget and that will forever take up a big part in my heart.

And as that chapter in this book comes to a close with Fall already here, I can say that although I do wish I could relive the summertime again – I do also look forward with so much hope and excitement for what lies ahead. He blessed me with so much love, how can He not bless me with more than I could ever imagine in this next chapter? Adieu, summertime.

Hillsong United concert. #EmpiresTour
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God’s beautiful creation.
Roomie got hitched!
sweet, encouraging, honest friends.
family from Mexico came to visit – after 3 years!
summer 7/12 book study!
lake adventures w/my college girls.
Roomie’s bachelorette weekend in Wilmington.
downtown Greensboro adventures.
Dominican Republic Team!
surprise – we’re dropping an album!
baby shower for sweet Tucker!
baby shower for sweet Lucy!
4th of July, 2016.

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