RDU – Miami – Santo Domingo: Part One

2 hour delay – that’s how we started our trip. My one prayer that I had, of many, and yet it happened. Well let me back track, I was also the last one to get to the space in the airport meeting everyone – another thing I was afraid of. At first, my heart sank a little because my immediate thought was, “Oh no! This isn’t what we had planned for!” But as we walked and hungout and got food (Five Guys is in the airport y’all!) and we were able to talk to each other and hear different stories of faith and our spiritual walks – I realized again how much this isn’t MY trip. It isn’t MY plan. It’s not about ME. Its about our sweet Savior. Who brought us together to share this experience together and serve the Lord together and love the people of the Dominican together.

So I became grateful for our 2 hour delay. Being able to talk to the members of our group about who they’re leaving for the week (some friends, jobs, kids, husbands), how I’m not the only one with questions, to learn just where everyone comes from and deals with day-to-day…

It’s crazy to think that all 8 of us not only live in Greensboro, but also go to Mercy Hill yet I’ve never either seen some of them or even interacted with some of them. I’m thrilled to see how our relationships grow/develop this week. I’m excited to see how God’s plan develops with this trip and how we will all come back – ah it’s going to be an amazing outcome, I can feel it! Praise Jesus!

Thank you for your continuous prayers.

Much love,



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