”Twas the night before DR…

Four months later and here we are. The night before we leave. The night before my first mission trip.

Too often I’ve gotten the question, “are you excited?” And one after another I reply, “I’m so excited.” It sounds like such a generic response. However, I truly am ecstatic to be able to go on this mission trip with 7 other people from Mercy Hill Church. I’m overly grateful to the Lord for having proven Himself faithful the past four months. Through the fundraising, getting the time off work, getting my passport, shots, and through packing (it is hard for someone who usually over packs!). I learned the past four months to truly have faith that the Lord would provide where He saw His plan developing – and boy did He surprise me time after time!

Some thoughts that cross my mind for tomorrow are:

1.) Will I make it there on time?

2.) Am I forgetting something?

3.) What if our flights get delayed?

4.) I hope my bags don’t get too heavy on me (I packed a lot of snacks – I really love food)

5.) I wonder how hot it will actually be?

6.) What if I get the Zieka virus?

7.) Who will we encounter on our way there?

8.) Will I be able to properly communicate with the kids, men, women?

9.) What devotion will I share?

10.) How will my heart be at the end of the week?

All of these and many more run through my mind at 100mph. But at the same time, as these questions run through my mind, I also find myself repeating:

God is good, faithful, redeemer, and is in control.

And my thoughts stop racing, my heart slows down – and I’m at peace for a while.

With the events that currently happened/are happening in the world – I pray that God may use this trip to light a fire in my heart to share His word and love with anyone and everyone. I pray that He would equip me to speak what He puts on my heart. I pray for the world and those in it – I pray that they may come to know our sweet Savior. Lord Jesus, come!

I can’t wait to continue to share this journey with you all. Please pray for our team of 8 as we finish preparing tonight. Pray for the pilots flying us and the flights – pray for this coming week and the relationships that will develop. Pray that we will be there – all there – for God and not ourselves.

Iteniary – Sunday

8:30am – Leave Pinehurst to RDU.

10am – Arrive at RDU and meet the team.

12pm – Board flight to layover!

Follow along on snapchat for updates on travel day! snap: norimtania

Comments, emails, shares, likes are welcomed with open arms!

Much love,



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